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Baby Mama Drama

This song is by Pastor Troy.

Baby Mama Drama
(I Got) Baby Mama Drama
She know I don't want her
Therefore she give me drama
(Repeat 2X)

It's a bunch of niggas out there feeling like me
Had a baby with a woman but you're not a family
She get jealous, get ta trippin', put those **** in the mix
Wanna try to get a n***a for whatever she can get
I been in the same boat but I'd studyin' 'bout the shit
Yeah she still my son Mama, but I ain't gotta take her shit
Ever since we been done, I can't ever get no peace
Do whatever for my son she still callin' da police
So at least now I know she's a gold-diggin' 'ho
Now I got other accounts where I'm hidin' all my dough
Yeah, she took me back to court and she got disappointed
I was payin' three stacks ($3,000/month in child support)
Now I only pay $300!

(I Got)

Chorus: (Repeat 3X)
(I Got) Baby Mama Drama
Baby Mama Drama (Baby Mama Drama... Baby Mama Drama)
She know I don't want her
Therefore she give me drama

Want to see my son, I don't wanna see his Mom
Never shoulda had a child, I was young, I was dumb
Ever since she went and filed child support on a n@#$a
To myself I made a vow that I won't fuck witcha
I want to be close to my son but she killin' it
@#$#%@ In my business, she know I ain't feelin' it
Thinkin' she gon' sit back and get fat off my grind
Must be out her fuckin' mind, she will be in welfare line
Know it sound harsh but not as harsh as what she's done to me
Like she havin' fun wit me, guess that's how GOD punish me
She put me on papers, said that it would make us closer
The only thing that's closer is foreclosure... I'll show ya!

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