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Guns For Show, Knives For A Pro

This song is by Parkway Drive and appears on the album Killing with a Smile (2005).

I saw the disappointment from across your face
A mark of solitude
So here's to giving in
Your eyes have betrayed you
And I'll wear this mask of disgust for every day I've met you
Disarm with a smile
Your eyes betrayed me

String me another line as your knife severs my spine
The blackness of your heart has spread beneath your skin
And as your new face runs, I count the seconds 'til you're gone
As your new face runs, I count the seconds until you're fucking gone

Hold this allegiance with the hearts of apathy
We cannot breathe from your choking hands
Mark this hour of hopelessness with burning bodies
Returning for your heart
Returning for your fucking heart
Murder is on the air tonight

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