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Stack O'Lee was a bully
He bullied all his life
Well, he bullied through Chicago town
Wit' a ten-cent pocket knife
Tell it's oh Stack O'Lee

Stack turns towards Billy
How can it be?
You arrest the man
Done desecrated me
But you oughta 'rrest Stack O'Lee'
Still it's oh, Stack O'Lee

Bad man

Stack said to Billy
'Don't you take my life
Well, I ain't got nothing but
Two little children, and a darlin' loving wife'
Then it's so, Stack O' Lee

One is a boy
And the other'un is a girl
Well, you may see your chill'en again
But it'll be in another world
Then it's oh Stack O' Lee

Standing on the corner
well I Didn't mean no harm
Well the policeman saw'd me
and they grabbed me by my arm
Say it's so, Stack O'Lee

Stack O'Lee and Billy
Had a noble fight
Well, Stack O'Lee took Billy's life
Was a cold dark Sunday night
Still it's oh, Stack O'Lee

'Oh Play it Boys

Standing on a silk carpet
Dogs begin to bark
But it wad'nt nut'n but Stack O'Lee
Come creeping in his dark
Said it's oh, Stack O'Lee

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