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Gratitude (2013)

P-Money - Gratitude


  1. Gratitude (intro)
  2. Welcome to America (featuring Skyzoo and Havoc)
  3. The Hardest (featuring M.O.P.)
  4. Break It Down (featuring Freddie Gibbs and Fashawn)
  5. 11th Break
  6. Celebration Flow (featuring Aaradhna and Talib Kweli)
  7. Reminisce (featuring Blaison Maven)
  8. Silver Beat
  9. Say It Again (featuring Monsta G and Pac Div)
  10. Killuminati (featuring Buckshot)
  11. Honey (featuring Nicole Wray and Jamall Bufford)
  12. My Baby (featuring STS and Nicole Wray)
  13. I Know (interlude)
  14. The Professional (featuring Roc Marciano)
  15. Finding God (featuring @Peace)

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P-Money is a performance name for Peter Wadams.


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