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Sweet Lorene

This song is by Otis Redding and appears on the album Complete & Unbelievable: The Otis Redding Dictionary of Soul (1966).

Hey Lorene girl, huh
Bring yourself home to me
You've got my mind
Messed up and shattered
I'm at the point
Where don't nothin' matter

You got me beggin', pleadin' and needin'
Oh sweet Lorene, girl, all right

The places that we used to go
I can't stand to go there no more
The smilin' faces we used to see
I bow my head 'cause they starin' at me, now

You got me scared, weepin' and moanin'
Oh sweet Lorene, girl, all right
Let me tell you about it

If you want my lovin', girl
You got to get it home to me, girl
I'm gonna kiss you from head to toe
Love you more and more
When you get here
I'm gon' sock it to you
Ooh, ha
Ooh yeah

Do it, do it
Ooh sweet Lorene, all right, yeah girl
You got to hurry, don't stay no longer
'Cause my need for you is gettin' mighty stronger, girl

Five long years I been sufferin'
Tryin' to tell you, girl, I ain't had nothin'
You got me beggin', pleadin' and weepin'
Oh sweet Lorene, girl, all right

You got to get ya
You got to see me baby
I gotta get to ya
I gotta to make it with ya baby


Written by:

Isaac Hayes/Alvertis Isbell/Otis Redding

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