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#REDIRECT [[Otis Redding:Ole Man Trouble]]
|song = Ol' Man Trouble
|artist = Otis Redding
|album1 =
|language = English
|star = Green
Ole man trouble
Go find you someone else to pick on
I live my live now you see
Ole man trouble
Please stay away from me, now
Oh yeah,
Oh I look like I'm down in my luck
Please send faith to help pick me up
I've lived this way so many years
Ole man trouble
Please wash away all my fears
Help me
Sometime I get I get a little worried
Ole man trouble
Stay away from me
Ole man trouble
Stay away from me
You're nothing but trouble
Stay away, stay away
|writer = Otis Redding
|fLetter = O
|asin =
|allmusic =
|iTunes =
|musicbrainz = 43961c1c-a488-4626-a359-0478703fcfd1
|goear =

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