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Two Faced World

This song is by Orleans and appears on the album Orleans (1973).

I met a man who told me his contacts were so fine
I would be a big star if I'd sign his dotted line
I wanted to believe so it took a while to see
The only connection that he really had was me

It's a two faced world from the bottom to the top
Two faced world, now where's it going to stop?
(Not yet)

I gave my friend some money when his was running low
I thought he'd always be there if I need a place to go
I found out that he's just my enemy
That good friend's been saying some bad things about me

It's a two faced world everywhere you look
Two faced world, got me on the hook

I had a good, true lover - at least that's what she said
So I was really shocked when I found her in his bed
I really loved that woman but it took a lot of gall
To look me in the eye and say "I just slept here, that's all"

It's a two-faced world, caught me in its trap
Two-faced world, sittin' in the devil's lap

Once I had a country called the land of the free
Pledged my allegiance to justice and liberty
Now I think there's justice in the crack in the liberty bell
We give them all their freedom by bombing them to hell

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