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If the distance is calling you
Leave your sorrows at the shore
The blue width of the sea will calm down your soul
That you will acknowledge
You set off all of the sudden in the evening
In order to draw a new horizon
Like you used to say
Alone and with white sails you took off at night
Quietly, while you did not hurry to think about it
Recover from all the relations and your sorrows
Work days and holidays go by, your journey is long
Only the moon burns like a candle in the darkness
And reminds you of love and of me

If you look into the distance -
My eyes are always focused on the ocean
You understood it and belived in your destiny
To find it in the sea, you took off
You let your destiny swim in swells and surges
Find your wave
And sail wherever you want, as long as you don't sink
The sea will pure your soul and wash away your sorrows
The waves flush the sadness away
The way to your dream and the way to me, they will show you
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