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Winter Day

This song is by Oneiroid Psychosis and appears on the album Dreams (with pollutions when virile) (2001).

I stared intimately into black holes
And willingly lost my soul
What lies inside is a mystery
But hesitation intrigues me
A vow together "you're mine now forever"
But our love won't grow until the skin is severed
Cold metal against the skin
Anticipate it's entrance
Such a slight pressure breaks the thread so thin
And exposes a weakness that hides within
Does this bring you closer or is it wrong
Or a substitute to feeling strong
Never wish to die
Never meant to hide this
You gave me your soul
And I won't let go
My toy to have and hold
A love to refuse
A mind to abuse
Now that I reflect
There was so much to reject
An unsteady hand
Grasps tightly
Hangs loosely
An unsteady mind
Hangs loosely
Grasps tightly
To anything

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