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Birth and Death

This song is by Oneiroid Psychosis and appears on the album Forever Is Forgotten (2004).

Birth and Death

*** This song is about a friend who committed suicide by leaping off a bridge into a river in 2002, a few days before her birthday. She left a husband and baby girl behind. ***

Sunlight flares on the liquid sky
My bridge has burnt away
Now too late to change my mind
I've drank too much of this bitter wine
Here all is silent and calm
I no longer hear the call
Another beginning, another end
I didn't want this to happen again

A hole that the rain can not fill
The world flows in but its empty still
Secrets hide in the nothingness
Secrets never to be confessed
Wind and ash and rust
Change everything to dust
My destiny descends on me
Now I rush to rejoin the sea

River carry me
Just like the autumn leaves
At least so near the end
River my final friend
So many things I'll never be
Now I rush to rejoin the sea

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