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Distant Drummer (2002)

Omid (US) - Distant Drummer

Distant Drummer

  1. The Sad King
  2. At-One-Ment
  3. Musical Chairs
  4. Healing Bassics
  5. Island Covenant
  6. Ease in the Middle Piece
  7. Endymion
  8. Blue Android
  9. Cluster Tech
  10. Shreem
  11. Ways of the World
  12. Live at Griffith Park Observatory

Monolith (2003)

Omid (US) - Monolith


  1. Arrival/Departure
  2. Robert L. Ripley (featuring Hymnal)
  3. Up
  4. Live From Tokyo (featuring Luckyiam.PSC, Slug, Aceyalone, Murs and DJ Drez)
  5. Sound of the Sitar
  6. Double Header (featuring Buck 65)
  7. Research
  8. Myth Behind the Man (featuring Abstract Rude and 2Mex)
  9. Speakers Hot
  10. I'm Just a Bill (featuring Spoon (Of Iodine))
  11. Ripple Study
  12. Shock and Awe (featuring Busdriver)
  13. Always Being Born
  14. Club Apotheosis (featuring Hymnal)

Additional information

Real name:

Omid is a performance name for Omid Walizadeh.

Also known as:

  • OD

Years active:

Since 1998

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