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Circle of One (1990)

Oleta Adams - Circle of One

Circle of One

  1. Rhythm Of Life
  2. Get Here
  3. Circle Of One
  4. You've Got To Give Me Room
  5. I've Got To Sing My Song
  6. I've Got A Right
  7. Will We Ever Learn
  8. Everything Must Change
  9. Don't Look Too Closely
  10. Circle Of One (Remix)

Evolution (1993)

Oleta Adams - Evolution


  1. My Heart Won't Lie
  2. Hold Me For A While
  3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
  4. When Love Comes To The Rescue
  5. I Just Had To Hear Your Voice
  6. (Baby I'll) Come When You Call
  7. Easier To Say (Goodbye)
  8. Lover's Holiday
  9. The Day I Stop Loving You
  10. New York State Of Mind
  11. Evolution
  12. Window Of Hope

Moving On (1995)

Oleta Adams - Moving On

Moving On

  1. Never Knew Love
  2. Once In A Lifetime
  3. I Knew You When
  4. You Need To Be Loved
  5. Slow Motion
  6. We Will Meet Again
  7. This Is Real
  8. Life Keeps Moving On
  9. Long Distance Love
  10. Love Begins At Home
  11. If This Love Should Ever End
  12. New Star

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Other Songs

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  1. All The Love
  2. Breath Of Heaven
  3. Colors Of The Heart
  4. Don't Explain
  5. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
  6. Embraceable You
  7. Holy Is The Lamb
  8. Let It Snow
  9. Let's Stay Here
  10. Nobody Does It Better

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