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Kiss My Ass

This song is by Oingo Boingo.

Everybody says they wanna be my friend
Gimme that smile all over again
Shut your mouth now and give it a rest now
Come on baby now and kiss my ass
'Cause I'm crying, over again.

Everybody tells me that this is it
I'm telling you baby, it don't mean shit.
I'm sorry I've started to sound real crass now,
Come on, come on, come on, come on come on baby,

Well come on little baby
Won't you cut the chitter chatter
Come sit here on Daddy's lap and won't you tell me what's the matter.
Come on everybody, mix your vinegar with honey
Make your future so exciting if you'd only stop your whining.

I'm a first class son of a bitch
How I'd really like to grant your wish
I'm afraid little darling, it just won't pass
Now, come on baby now and Kiss My Ass

'Cause I'm crying over again.

You're pushing too hard, you're pushing on me
You're pushing too hard,
You're pushing too hard, you're pushing too hard on me

Oh I really want to have some fun,

You're pushing too hard (5 times)
Over and over (5 times)

I'm so excited I can barely speak
If you show me a chicken, I'll show you a geek.
You've heard all about my dubious past now
Come on baby now and kiss my ass

'Cause I'm crying, over and over and over again.

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