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Go Away

This song is by Oingo Boingo and appears on the album So-Lo (1984).

Every time I see you now,
It makes me feel so bad
Reminds me of the memories
I wish I never had

Standing in a crowded room
Too dark for me to see
Someone's pushing from behind
Just leave me room to breathe

And go away from me, just go away
To another time, another place
To another world, another dream
Go away from me...

Walking down the sidewalk
In a crowd that doesn't care
Bumping into shoulders
Every eye is on the street

There's a man with tattered clothes
Who's cursing at the air
Everyone is slowing down
To catch a little peek

Every time I wake up and I see myself again
Staring in the mirror, like a burnt out piece of wood
Searching every feature for a single trace of life
Couldn't find the answer, 'cause the mirror never lies

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