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Fool's Paradise

This song is by Oingo Boingo and appears on the album Dead Man's Party (1985).

On a quest
For the Holy Grail
Try and live
On razor's edge
Find a mountain
Or cross a valley
Why bother?
It's all for sale

True love was in her eyes
Burning truth was on her face
Even thought it was late at night
Saw her once; there's no mistake

Now that we've found this precious place...
How do we keep from going crazy now?
My life was leading up to this day
Watching the whole thing
Slip away
It's just a fool's paradise
It's just a fool's paradise
It's just a fool's paradise, anyhow

Dirty stains on brand-new linen
Fresh tracks on virgin snow
Caught a saint
While he was sinning
People scream
What do they know?
Turn it off and find religion
Tune it out and find a cause
Get it up and tell the world
Don't stop; don't ever pause

Here is this place from all our dreams
It doesn't seem to make us better now
If it will get us through the night
With all our conscience still intact
It's just a fool's paradise...

Two heads are better than one...
Two hearts bleed so much more
Serious-but no one laughing
Why run when you can crawl
(True love around the corner-
Out of reach, so hard to hold)
My life's an open letter
Tear it up-and throw it away

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