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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Making Time by The Creation
  2. Father's Name Was Dad by Fire
  3. I Can Hear the Grass Grow by The Move
  4. My Friend Jack by The Smoke
  5. My White Bicycle by Tomorrow
  6. I'll Keep Holding On by The Action
  7. When the Night Falls by The Eyes
  8. Sorry by The Easybeats
  9. Imposters of Life's Magazine by The Idle Race
  10. How Is the Air Up There? by The La De Das
  11. Mud in Your Eye by Les Fleur De Lys
  12. Everything (That's Mine) by The Motions
  13. Garden of My Mind by The Mickey Finn
  14. Take a Heart by The Sorrows
  15. The Life I Live by Q65
  16. Midnight to Six Man by The Pretty Things
  17. I See the Rain by The Marmalade
  18. The First Cut Is the Deepest by The Koobas
  19. You Stole My Love by The Mockingbirds
  20. 1-2-5 by The Haunted
  21. My Mind's Eye by Small Faces
  22. Going Nowhere by Los Bravos
  23. All Night Stand by The Thoughts
  24. War or Hands of Time by The Masters Apprentices
  25. It's a Sin to Go Away by We All Together
  26. A Dream for Julie by Kaleidoscope
  27. I Read You Like an Open Book by The Tages
Disc 2
  1. Children of the Sun by The Misunderstood
  2. Save My Soul by Wimple Winch
  3. Desdemona by John's Children
  4. I Can Only Give You Everything by Them (liner notes name Van Morrison as artist)
  5. Lost Girl by The Troggs
  6. I Must Be Mad by The Craig
  7. Say Those Magic Words by The Birds
  8. Baby Your Phrasing Is Bad by Caleb Quaye
  9. Daddy Buy Me a Girl by Golden Earring
  10. Exit Stage Right by Ronnie Burns
  11. Gone Is the Sad Man by Timebox
  12. I'm Rowed Out by The Eyes
  13. You've Got a Habit of Leaving by Davy Jones
  14. Reflections of Charles Brown by The Fleur De Lys
  15. Words Enough to Tell You by The Mascots
  16. That's the Way It's Got to Be by The Poets
  17. 14 Hour Technicolor Dream by The Syn
  18. Walking Through My Dreams by The Pretty Things
  19. You Said by The Primitives
  20. This Life of Mine by The Lost Souls
  21. Shadows & Reflections by The Action
  22. Friday on My Mind by The Easybeats
  23. In the Land of the Few by Love Sculpture
  24. For Another Man by The Motions
  25. Fire Brigade by The Move
  26. Gaby by The Boots
  27. Biff! Bang! Pow! by The Creation
Disc 3
  1. Your Body Not Your Soul by Cuby + Blizzards
  2. Cathy, Come Home by The Twilights
  3. Circles by Les Fleur De Lys
  4. Get Down from the Tree by The Matadors
  5. Cry in the Night by Q65
  6. Changing the Colors of Life by Los Chijuas
  7. Social End Product by The Bluestars
  8. Crawdaddy Simone by The Syndicats
  9. Don't You Remember? by The Sound Magics
  10. It's My Pride by The Guess Who
  11. Magic Potion by The Open Mind
  12. You're Driving Me Insane by The Missing Links
  13. Who Dat? by The Jury
  14. A Midsummer's Night Scene by John's Children
  15. Listen to the Sky by Sands
  16. How to Find a Lover by The Mockingbirds
  17. Days of the Broken Arrows by The Idle Race
  18. By My Side by The Elois
  19. Path Through the Forest by The Factory
  20. Love Hate Revenge by Episode Six
  21. Pictures of Matchstick Men by The Status Quo
  22. The Train to Disaster by The Voice
  23. Sad by The Playboys
  24. Slaves Time by The Slaves
  25. You Can Be My Baby by The Red Squares
  26. I Wish I Was Five by Scrugg
  27. Glendora by The Downliners Sect
Disc 4
  1. Rosalyn by The Pretty Things
  2. Come On by The Atlantics
  3. The Madman Running Through the Fields by Dantalian's Chariot
  4. How Does It Feel To Feel by The Creation
  5. I'm Just a Mops by The Mops
  6. Why Don't You Smile Now by The Downliners Sect
  7. Nothin' by The Ugly Ducklings
  8. Break It All by Los Shakers
  9. The Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane by Timon
  10. Touch by The Outsiders
  11. Vacuum Cleaner by Tintern Abbey
  12. My Life by Thor's Hammer
  13. Bad Little Woman by The Wheels
  14. No Presents for Me by Pandamonium
  15. Bat Macumba by Os Mutantes
  16. Real Crazy Apartment by Winston's Fumbs
  17. No More Now by The Smoke
  18. No Good Without You by The Birds
  19. Kicks & Chicks by The Zipps
  20. Dance Around the Maypole by The Acid Gallery
  21. Get Yourself Home by The Fairies
  22. I'm Your Witchdoctor by The Chants R&B
  23. But You'll Never Do It Babe by The Boots
  24. One Third by The Majority
  25. Flight from Ashiya by Kaleidoscope
  26. Here Come the Nice by Small Faces
  27. It's My Fault by The Rattles
  28. When the Alarm Clock Rings by Blossom Toes

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