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Every Day Hath Its Night

This song is by North Sea Radio Orchestra and appears on the album North Sea Radio Orchestra (2006).

Every day hath its night
Every night its morn
Through dark and bright
Wingèd hours are borne

Seasons flower and fade
Golden calm and storm
Mingle day by day
There is no bright form
Doth not cast a shade

When we laugh, and our mirth
Apes the happy vein
We're so kin to earth
Pleasance fathers pain

Madness laugheth loud
Laughter bringeth tears
Eyes are worn away
Till the end of fears
Cometh in the shroud

All is change, woe or weal
Joy is sorrow's brother
Grief and gladness steal
Symbols of each other

Larks in heaven's cope
Sing: the culvers mourn
All the livelong day
Be not all forlorn
Let us weep in hope


Music by:

Craig Fortnam


Craig Fortnam

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