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This song is by North Star and appears on the album Bobby Digital Presents Northstar (2004).

(Feat. 9th Prince, P.R. Terrorist)

(Chorus x4: sample)
Nuttin' shall separate me from your love

(Intro: Christ Bearer (Meko the Pharaoh))
(Yeah) yeah, Nuttin', Nuttin', Nuttin'
Yeah, not a God damn thing, yeah, yeah
That's right, nothing at all
I mean, rain, hail, sleet, snow
Not a motherfucking thing (You know)

(Christ Bearer)
I'm God Almighty in the flesh from the West
Straight-killin' for this shit
I'm born to die, bitch
My mad-ass click, gives a mad-ass fuck
If you tote them big guns, ?all chickens? can all get stuck
And I can put ya brains on the curb
Come and test the NS best and get your punk-ass served
A million motherfuckers can hate me
Salt and gained greatly
Bitches ask what have I done lately
And for your love, Nuttin' shall separate me
I only act a fool 'cause you make me, make me
Wanna take it to the streets and start trippin'
Disrespect the Stars and it's nitroglcyrin
Leavin' bystanders with they whole grill missin'
Nuclear fission, bitch don't you listen?

(9th Prince)
Aiyo, I play handball with the 9 planets
Heavenly shells from the cannon
My lyrics is demandin'
From Stapleton to Franklin Ave
Park Place jammin', mind examine
Pull out the hammer while I'm standin' in the DJ booth
Notebook is bulletproof, place it under my chest
Sport it like a vest, dressed like a state trooper
Aim for the best, bloody contest, put you to rest
Killarm' rush the stage, 9th Prince wave the twelve-gauge
Second coming of a Scarface age, Park Hill rage
NorthStar, West Coast, nigga, where's your AK?
From Shaolin to Long Beach, with the heat, stay in reach
Vegetarian nigga, still eat beef
Over raw beats, lyrical treats, for the streets

(Meko the Pharaoh)
We strike all up in ya zone, leave us alone
Deep thoughts, thoughts the ruler couldn't measure
There's a difference in the weather, get it together
Along came the day Northstar ruled the land
You're listening to a man who walked the Rocky Road
Words that explode, control the whole planet
Make ya preacher panic, girlfriends type fanatic
My mind ain't havin' it, inhaling all the damagin'
Leaving bitches stranded, I can't confuse the young
Words from the tongue, gettin' girls sprung
Meko rock many, you heard that before
Blunt from the store, filled with hydro
It's the feelin' that you feel when you loose off the weed
NorthStar rock y'all niggaz guaranteed
Bitches on my team and niggaz with guillotines
Movin' in a force that super-soaks springs

(P.R. Terrorist)
Bitch shall love, we never separate
We gotta make that cream so we delegate
From the street game to the rap game sometimes I need to meditate
Plus radio manipulate, Hip-Hop is in a fucked up state
That's why I gotta push more and more weight
You got bitch-ass niggaz with more and more hate
And there's a lot of bitch niggaz in 52 states
That's why I tote them big guns that beef up my waist
Step outta line, kid, get put in ya place
Terrorist is like a Wild Western
Slugs return you to the essence
And all that weak shit you addressin'
NorthStar had a session, invited me
Now I bless you with thoughts from my diary
I can't separate the love that's deep inside of me

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