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Revolt On (=/) Revolution

This song is by North Of America.

Create a code to conjure up the casualties hidden in the margins of a recessed line
(But they charmed all our snakes and they cracked all our safes)
So we'll invent a new code that encodes all the old codes
Crack the code, raze the roof
Second hearse the same as the first filled with the corpses of dollars well spent
(But if grammar is a hammer why does subtlety matter?)
Because you can't spell revolution without "U" and "I"
Crack the code
Raze the roof
Set aside crack the code raze the roof
Kept disguised left to die
How we killed them
Take the time to deliver us from the weight of all your sympathies set aside but we've got it sussed and
Your death becomes our bottom line
Your death becomes our
Bottom line

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