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The Golden Censor

This song is by Norel.

It's just a strength in silence
It's just a strength in walking out the door
And as this stake is driven
Into the heart of this
A steady hand
When marks upon your wrist
Look too straight to be unplanned
I'm burning and I'm home
You're breathing and you're gone
You know I'll find truth
Follow the knife!
Hold on
To the pieces when I'm gone
You hold my heart
It holds truth
Hold on
To the pieces when I'm gone
Burnt like a match
But can't hold a candle to you
Hold on
I'm scared to death
The times away from me
I'll hold my breath and pray
The snow will melt
The grounds won't freeze
I'll hold my breath
Keep myself from freezing
I half wish that you're happy
Steadfast and alone
But with half my heart
I pray so hard
You hate this and come home
Come home
Set the fire
Light the match
And let her burn

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