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Setting Sun

This song is by Norel.

Just sniff me out
Under feet of ground
This time that dies between state lines
Just soak the sheets in gasoline
Strike before you leave
I'll give you smoke to breathe
In atmosphere away from me
The arms of night
The dreams I hold will break under the light
Of a room
Full of flames and smoke
I'm full of flame
And choking on the air I breathe
And this is how I imagine hell to be
Swallow down this hinge
And open up to me
This rust will wear away
And open up these doors
That lead out to these reeds
Scorch our skin to find out who we are
This burning house is a setting sun
And all we are is dying
We are tied and bound
To the sands of an untipped hourglass
Flames dance on our backs
Like angel wings and broken hands
A burning house is a setting sun
And I feel nothing
Alone for you
To burn or break
I want to poison all the birds
And rip the bark from all the trees
And plant this seed that aches and bleeds
When I said you'd regret this
I meant it
When a burning house is a setting sun
Like an empty heart with a loaded gun
Fall down
Surround yourself with this sound
There's a house with a room and a fire
Let it all burn tonight
And it swallows us alive
There's a flame
And a match
And a lock
As all the stations of the cross
Follow the knife
And this time tell me where it leads
My body's wrapped in plastic under reeds
Just sniff me out
Under feet of ground
I hope now you have something to believe in

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