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Light The Match

This song is by Norel.

The tree line never seemed so far before
We walk there with tied up wrists
Pull length of cord
We'll trace your waist with razor blades
To bleed out the shit that I can't take
The distance tries to dilate
Like the blacks of your eyes
In the candlelight
When the door is locked
And the flames grow too high
So close your eyes
And say goodnight
Light the match and lock the door
Breathe the air that hugs the floor
The tree line never seemed so far before
I've walked there a hundred times or more
But that's without this dead weight
Without this headache
These tree leaves
Swept and falling down
Roots and stones protect the ground
This hole won't fill
Without this worry
Without this sharp spade
I'll bleed from my feet
And the palms of my hands
And I'll fan your face
From the scorching flames in hell
And I know why we fall
Because it's overly fake to be a sucker for faith these days
I will fight
The urge to dig your hole or let you burn
In rooms behind locked doors
Or woods with chloroform
And either way
Your eyes as bright as flashing lights
Won't bother me tonight
So burn

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