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Let Her Burn

This song is by Norel.

This happens all the time
Fuck forgiveness
It's a broken word that burns
And breaks my heart over and over again
If words could grace my veins with razor blades
I know what you do
I don't blame you
I died that night
With the things you only typed it's just as well
You slit my throat with the fucking things you wrote
And carved and cut in me
So sweetly
Cut and kill
My scars are healing up as my heart is standing still
And this sound my wrists all open up
As my body's breaking down
And I hope you smell as my body burns in hell
I'll trace your waist with razor blades
Far away hidden by these trees
Here in this hell
All the trees are burned
You taught me how to fall apart

The bright white curtains exhale dark black breath
And bright red tears
I catch the ash from the falling walls
And bless them on the palms of my hands
And as the smoke hits your lungs
The seven angels from the pages I've burned becomes eight
As you're cast away
To everything turn
And though we are in the bowels of Hell
We shall have the eyes of angels
A time to cast away souls
The open skeleton of a roof we once called a house
Supports the beams of fire
That hang like halos over our heads
Like a halo or like a judge
To stay or break and fall
The story of my life
This story full of state lines and straight lines
From a steady hand that cuts and bleeds
Follow the knife to a trail of weeds
And pieces of dirt I'd rather be beneath
My death is the door locked
My death is you leaving
Like the waves of a gentle rain
That swallows the fire
Light the match and lock the door
Flames dance on our backs
But broken hands can't put out fire
Or un-latch locks
Here in this hell all the trees are willows
And the leaves are melting carpet fibers
The clouds are smoke stained sheets
And our god is this fire

All the rooms are burning down
Let her burn
Set the fire
Light the match
Let her burn
And like before I won't break or let you burn

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