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Far Away

This song is by Norel.

Far away hidden by these trees
Your words hit my heart
As my fist hits your teeth
Far away covered by these leaves
My foot leaves your throat
And your hand grips my sleeve
And I'm far away
Far away
Far away
I wish these pictures
Stole your soul
So I could rip them up and swallow you whole
That night I promised not to hurt myself again
That's more than you can do
Each night I fold in half like a pair of praying hands
That's more than you can do
That's more than I can stand
Stray my hand when ones year's nothing to him
And when I said you'd regret this
I meant it
With one pound of flesh
No more no less
Stay if you want to
My deepest hearts they bathe
In the deepest folding blades
I wish you well
And I wish you all to break and fade and fall
In a sudden breath of hell
And tonight I'll send these storm clouds your way
And may they rain down on your face
And for once I'll breathe I sigh of relief
And walk on displaced in this place
I wish these pictures stole your soul
So I could rip them up and swallow you whole
To see is to believe
And I honestly don't see
Giving up on this
But like before
I'll light the match and lock the door

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