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Raining Fire

This song is by Nordheim and appears on the album ...And The Raw Metal Power (2002).

Flying to the encounter
Tell me what you feel
Certain death is coming
The end is near!

Natural born hunters
Stalking at their prey
Fighting for the freedom
We have no fear!

We gonna fly, we gonna live
We gonna fight, we gonna win
We gonna fight... We gonna live...
We gonna win, we will carry on!

Raining fire (X8)
Far from home...
The globe in blood...
Their brave deeds...
Will not fade away!

Looking to the counter
Tell me what you see...
Guns sound like thinder
The end is near... we have no fear!

Fighting for the skies
Killing machines
Undefeated fighters
They have no fear... the end is near!

(Bridge / Chorus)

(Lead Davis)

They had fought together
Their Great history untold!

(Bridge / Chorus)


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