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Easy Rider

This song is by Nordheim and appears on the album ...And The Raw Metal Power (2002).

It's time to take off
And live the life at fastest speed
And feel the fire, live the pain
Sorry pal, but I gotta go!

There are times you let go,
But there are times you must stand
Ground and fight!

Living on the edge
Growing up in flames
And feeling!
My pain!

Burning tires, wheeling flames
Riding outta hell, I'm an easy rider!

But now it's time to return
To get back the things you've lost
And live in fire, heal your wounds
That's the pace of life, my friend!

Burning tires, never tamed
Riding outta hell, I'm easy rider!
Burning tires, heart in flames
Riding outta hell, we're easy rides!

(Lead Davis)

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