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Second Chances

This song is by None Too Soon.

Last night I woke up in the coldest sweat and I think you know why, nothing harder then forcing myself to say the single word goodbye.

You're not around anymore to look at and then quickly look away, when you catch me staring at your face, you look so beautiful today

And I, look forward to, to my second chance, to show you how I feel, to show you that my feelings last, and I hope we'll share that one kiss

Cascading memories sweep you right back, and take all my fears away, you know I miss you going all alone walking down this dark hallway, sitting next to you under the stars, couldn't make a better choice, the blaring of the music is drowned out by the beauty of your voice

You know how long I've wanted this,
You're everything I want, everything I want.

You're everything I want...

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