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Versus Winning

This song is by None But Burning.

I'll revisit my promises 'cause you weren't there to tell I'll open my wrists before I fall into your hell and sometimes I think I see mirrors in your eyes and sometimes I think you're the devil in disguise I can sense it slipping away but only in my mind it was never there for you and all the countless hours spent chalk them up as wasted time 'cause it was never there for you please don't point your eyes at me this time I'll protect myself you'll never see my cry 'cause there's a lesson in every story and I'm guarding with every line and it's so hard to act but I know that's what it takes and I can't believe at twenty-two I've been walking on my pride for weeks please don't point your eyes at me 'cause I'll crash into the floor I've returned to find a passion now I can't remember what it's for and when you stop mixing signals I'll stop mixing words we haven't spoken in a week but I'll be there in fifteen.

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