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Lovers Like Boxers

This song is by None But Burning.

Sunny skies and sky-scrapers phony smiles couldn't shake her and its hard to know just where I stand when we can't match a frequency of emotion and in consequence I can't turn my anger into silence and I thought this summer would stretch a narrow road into the thinnest line but I learned that I never missed you more and to always call with what I find burn red intense not anger even though my heart was never clearer squeeze the muscles tight to tighten down these eyes but is it wishing hard or am I just passing these nights by waiting for the sunrise this is a six month song 'cause lovers like boxers are wrong and blur the lines but I always see in black and white and moving forward in quiet nights means nothing in this mistaken life so now I promise 'cause I've been digging at a stone with a plastic spoon and I'll remember from now on.

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