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They Got

This song is by Non Phixion.

Know your enemy overstand y'all
Overstand y'all know your enemy
They got extraterrestrials livin' in Arizona
They got food so they-gats a bodegas in Corona
They got media teli-vision locked down too
Brother hoodin snakes simplism lower channel two
They got millions of dollers invested in crack
Not to mention cigarrets and alcohol on top of which they tax
They got professors teaching only half the story
Nineteen-seventy five they created AIDS inside a laboratory
They got me feelin' like I'm on parole
They got excuses for the people that they killed
In the land they stole
They got us thinkin' we're players but their the pimps
They got my dick inside they mouth and they all fulla shit
They got computer chips filled with secret manuscripts
They got olympic games symbolic for howard's reign
They got my fifteen sisters and brothers different brothers
In Brooklyn and Puerto Rico on a search for one another
They got me thinkin' porn from like dusk till dawn
They got my crew spelled out non phi-xi-on
They got mobile phones that we purchase on a rental
So they tap it to our lines and cause tumors on our temples
They got mersionaries crooked crook in submarines
They got us feelin' dope is a way to self esteem
They got fucked up leaders actin' like disciplinaries
But what they ain't got is us hip hop evolutionaries

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