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There Is No Future

This song is by Non Phixion and appears on the album The Future Is Now (2002).

(Ill Bill)
How can I make a clear decision in the haze of drugs?
Prostitutes and Guns
I stumble up the ladder with Sabac and Chunk
By my side when I ride in LA
We party with the stars and the starfuckers
And everybody love us
Yeah I do cocaine yeah I love to drink
Love to get my dick sucked in these drugs to think
It's sick
And snorting school bucks
Jews, Muslims, Christians
What the fuck's the difference?
We all want money, drugs and bitches
Anybody that doesn't rubs me suspicious
I don't trust none of y'all
I don't trust religion
I don't trust the police or the justice system
Peace to whoever's a hustler locked up in prison
See you when you get home
We gonna puff the ism
The future is right now
Y'all motherfuckers listen

(Chorus: repeat 5X)
There is no future, the future is now
It's non-phixion; we're coming at you like pow

Your future is morbidity
Like Martha Stewart's fluids
The new shit I kick is putrid
Like Bea Arthur's pubics
Jump off the roof and dive headfirst into the concrete
Till the meat splits and blood red squirts
There's no brawling with the strategy of energy
Your cavity splatered your falling
Now gravity's your enemy
Shooting a bullet through your head
Is all it takes to make you dead?
Put a gat to your head
Only thing left to do is pull it
Simple like pressin record
I'm the remoter erasing your life
Elimination, the message is stored
I got a fascination for assassination
Half the nation saw Kennedy murdered is Jackie on acid spacedom
When I'm rapping it's like an autopsy
Or some more to ya or dasity or an orgasm
From dying on crosses to spying more ships
The future is present, peasant
Wake up or stay lying with corpses

Alien vihab, the L vine hover the drug backet
Pediatrics bugging on snuff flicks with Tera Patrics
Digital dick, out for cheddar bled on the mattress
Close encounters, add a Peruvian march and pat about it
A planet that turns actors to crack faggots
We in the ben hearse macking P-Funk and Black Sabbath
Playing it off, stinking like I'm bathing a corpse
Getting frisked by pigs in my Porsche like I'm David Lee Roth
It's the new mutants, torched your school like I see students
Metal detectors and dogs putting frost on intruders
I'm flashing my teeth, legal now for stashing your E
My cyborgs ill, this bad bitch with ass that speaks
Put it down with Charlie to eat, God part of my speech
Godfather, dust blunts, the Judge Dredd of the streets
The Wizard of Goth, forensic, a legend that speaks
Sporting nipples like symbols till heaven repeats

(Sabac Red)
I'm not just a rapper, I'm an artist, I pound the hardest
Bars tha shot the globe to make the dope sound retarded
The guards get involved with some of the harshest mosh pits
Non phixion's back bitch, roll out the red carpet
I spar with legends, pray to the stars and crestens
A lost presence got me corrupt in hard sessions
Like deaths in the family, my method's insanity
A mixed consienceness with a twist of profanity
We plan to be some of the sickest riches in the business
We mean business from the start to the finish
This is for the presidents, drug dealers, scholars and authors
Warriors, terrorists, confessors and college and lawyers
Fathers and mothers, children, sisters and brothers
Pimps and hustlers, gangsters, riches and busters
There's no justice, I'm on some fiending by the thug shit
You're loving on your enemy, pull your gat and bust it BAM

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