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The Royal Tease

This song is by Non-Prophet.

It's so sad to see the ending of my adolescent history
The time has come to be a man and take the reigns of daddy's business plan
Cause in America, we give to those who take
I think I'll take a little for myself

It's so sad to say that after high school I just did what I was told
My life was all planned out for me to take this world and call it all my own
Attending meetings, saying what they wrote for me
My birthrite has become my destiny

These stats and figures alter what you see and there is nothing you can do...
I am the one, living the life that I've always dreamed
And there is nothing you can prove, you'll never learn the truth

Remember Skull and Bones?
Well as the story goes...
Their filtered news and Dewey schools feed the mind control
Be a good citizen-the State will always win
And good always prevails... you never have to learn a thing
Somebody tell me that it's over
It's not hard to read between the lines and see that our government is just like the Romans and the Greeks...
I watch again as history repeats...

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