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Servants Of The Moonlight

This song is by Nominon and appears on the album Diabolical Bloodshed (1999).

(Music: Juha Sulasalmi, Lyrics: Nicke Holstenson)

Twilight - Sombre eyes gave through the mist
Darkness - Vicious glance lurks in the shadows
So divine - Enchanted by the light with power intense
Howlings - Gather my legions of the night

Hunger - With furious rage they search for pray
Foaming - Sharp edged fangs cutting into throats
Pools of blood - Cover the ground with bowels and flesh
Expire - Another life will soon fade away

Twilight - Darkness Divine - Howlings
Hunger - Foaming Blood - Expire

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Servants of the moonlight

Dominion - Once again the hunger grow
Hunting - the only marks is paws in the snow
Starvation - Gorgeous legions run with the moon
Devote them or die, you'll hear them soon

Servants of the moonlight

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