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Living & Dying (X-Rated)

This song is by Noize Makerz.

(This is a very graphic song. So just to let you know... we are warning you not to blame us for these lyrics, 'cause we have warned you!)

David: That's it! Smash stuff! Throw the guitar! Ow, my eye... I'm telling my mommy.
Tim: Fuck you, fuck me! I got my death metal stuff...

I'm living,
I'm going to die,
In hell,
I'm living
I'm living...

Wait mutha fucka this is my song
(Disturbed freestyle)

I'm living,
In your perfect little world
We are... yeah...
So cold... NO!
Inside... yeah!
We are...
Going to kill your wives
Your pleasure
Your lovers
Your fuckers

I'm dying
In hell
In Heaven
On Earth
My personal hell in Bel Air
Damn straight mutha fucka
Samsh the coke can bitch
Kiss my ass fucking world
I'm living

You know I'm living in your world
Your perfect little world
That you consider great... yeah
But it's not
And now we are going to r*pe... you... hard
And we are going to smash stuff,
On your head... like this
The soda can, yes, the soda can
Its time for...
In your little world that you call hell
(Eminem freestyle)
No!, eminem is gay!
Fuck that f*ggot in the ass
You know he's gay
And you'll do it too
He fucked elton john on the grammy's

Here we go...
Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck you, fuck me
Fuck you, fuck me

I'm living

I'm living
And now I'm dying
In hell
In my personaly hell in bel air
The city, the place of hell
And we'll fuck you hard
In the anus
And search it for a sign
Unlike your hell...
In your anus

I'm living
I'm dying
I'm living
I'm dying
It's not mine
It's our time
Our time to rise
Rise up!
(You ruined our song)

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