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This song is by Noez Symptum.

I'm starting to know you well,
You are bad girls I can tell,
How can I make it up to you,
The drugs, the pills, have carried through

I'm starting to lose some patience,
'Cause you all look so depressed, it makes sens,
To me, for every broken bone,
You let me see

Don't think you know me,
You, don't get what you see,
You, don't fuckin' know me,
I'll tear it up for you,
(I'll make everything cute)

You run away with your pretty faces,
But inside it's not the case,
I'm starting to know you too well,
I'll scream biatch! I'll scream biatch!

It's messing up my brain,
It's making me insane,
I'll carry on,
Now I'm so,
Fucked, fucked fucked fucked!

I'll make everything cute

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