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This song is by Noez Symptum.

She said: don't walk down a different road, I'm scared, I just want to let you know,
She said: don't walk on a different road,
I'm scared,

Well I don't care about anything at all
'Cause in the end, I'm the one who starts to fall
Today, I'm not waiting here for you,
Good bye, are the only few,
Words I can relate to

She said, don't drag me on an open road,
I'm scared,
Now she hides, so she can breathe one more time,
She hides, now I got nothing left to hold.

You don't miss the fact that I'm not there
You don't care.

Now I'm too scared,
To talk to anyone now, all is so dangerous now,
Can't find a quiet place to breathe,
Instead I leave, to some place in between 2x

Well I don't care about anything at all,
When nothing matters anymore, I'm the one who takes the fall,
I can't even stay awake today,
I'm careless,
So bury me,
To the ground...

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