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The Riddle Seeker

This song is by Noekk and appears on the album The Water Sprite (2005).

He rushed through the mountains,
Little waters followed him and crossed his path in fountains.

His breast is aching and the forest is shaking,
The mist builds mighty forms!
He's waiting breathless with staring eyes restless,
To gather all his storms!
The thunder rolls and the sun-blade glows,
To kill his undermining worm!

He looses ground and his eyes half closed,
Seeking for a small wandering star.
He's feeling grey and getting light.
A shadow player, dancing in it's scar.

He will rush through the mountains,
Little waters followed him to cross his path in fountains.
Heaven and earth becoming one and he stays isolate.
Something is close behind him, that man can't take!

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