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Jaw Dropable

This song is by Nodd Morris and appears on the album Party In My Head (2006).

Hey I'm taking over town - two more to go one down
Atomic bombs ain't got nothin' on me in a way so to speak
Call in the national guard - you're gonna need to play your cards right
If you stand a chance in hell you gotta stand against all hell in me

Chorus : make believe make believe you're unstopable
And you will be you will be jaw dropable

Hey I'm movin in on you - two are down one to do
Once you're mine I think you will find the punishment fits the crime
Take my arm and proceed to the throne
Be my queen of unbelievable
All the things that were impossible begin to seem plausible

Today I'm tellin' 'em the truth - I've done it all now I'm through
Nowhere to go and it's starting to show and so
I bow out from on the top of the world

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