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Gotta Do Somethin

This song is by Nodd Morris and appears on the album Party In My Head (2006).

Late at night when the world is asleep
I toss and turn I just can't seem to keep
My head on straight my eyes on the road
Same ole same and onto tomorrow

I buy a coffee and then a newspaper
I don't even read it but being normal is safer
She turns to me I return the favor
She gets up and leaves because the look that I gave her
And 1 by 1 I get 2 3 o' clock
I feel like I should be somewhere but I'm not

Chorus : because the world isn't ready for me yet x4

Dinner is served but I'm not hungry
Push the food away like it was tryin' to hug me
I'm scared of commitment I don't wanna share
Myself with a world if it really don't care
And lung by lung I slowly decompose
Waiting gets boring after a while yeah I suppose - but you gotta do somethin'

Outro : and you gotta do somethin'

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