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Feels Like Suicide

This song is by Nocturnal Devotion and appears on the album Virus... (2004).

You run I run you walk and I stumble
You run I run you walk and I fall

Feels like, suicide
I can't, decide
I die, to hide
What is in, my mind
What if, I tried
So what is, inside
You would be, terrorized
Feels like, suicide

Thinking of taking your life that is suicide
What is wrong or what is right I can sympathise
Are you ready to die no compromise
Have you enough strength to try do you realize

Feels like anxiety every day body filthy from the sin
It feels like suicide
The soul in deep hopelessness that thought is still in the head
It feels like suicide
Feel the death coming a shiver through all my body
It feels like suicide
The face is destroyed by the fear clouds of death are crawling

I decide, I decide that is your life that is not mine
My design, my design that is your life and you are bund

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