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A Fallen Unicorn

This song is by Nocternity and appears on the album A Fallen Unicorn (2004).

A glance mere theft,
I dwell in stealth
The strangleweed that hides my skin
...Conceals my need

Such grace, that I admire
I despise, I envy!

Entwined in a silver spine
Rosebuds and graveseed wine
Fill the cup, then drink some death
Thustly spoken
With a foul breath

Let the maiden
Heed my spell
As the mortal's quintessence shares
An inborn tend for grave mistakes
Your freedom of choice,
Thy sin is named

By the creation's very first eve
You must be either wicked or naïve
For when you know,
You fear and you scorn
And when you not,
You willingly embrace...
...The Thorn

I praise! I howl!
The golden, severed horn
Of the last,
The Fallen Unicorn

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