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Veronika Decides To Die

This song is by Nocomply and appears on the album With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions (2004).

Burn your bridges it's not that i
Don't like you it's more a case of wrong place wrong time
'Cause in one week I will die this is my second chance
It's chemical vitriol
Corrupts my mind take me
To my own place, own time
Where I happily reside
This is my second chance

If god exists he'll forgive 'cause
Daylights wasted, on eyes that choose to remain closed
Closed to what they have become
Mindless workers who forget where everything went wrong
Years of searching I can't even find myself
It took a week of dying
Before I realised I was too afraid to be myself

How do you feel when you see me and pity me a girl who once was
So young so free
Do you wonder why I felt the need
To end my life so early
But now it seems that I'm stuck here
To await what I suppose I imposed on myself
With a heart that wants to die
Still give me a second chance

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