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This song is by Nocomply and appears on the album With Windmills Turning Wrong Directions (2004).

Fight back
Apathy's no longer an option
My rights mean I should never suffer
Your words I won't take it lying down any more
Fight back

'Cause the way I live my life means that I don't care about your money
Nor do I aspire to an affluent career
I'd rather be hard up than doing something I hate
You don't understand so I'm wrong

Ten years down the line isn't long enough
For you and all your dreams have been locked up
In this life there is no second chance
To look back and say 'what happened to me?'

Save me before these bonds become constricted
My life feels too restricted
Be home in seven hours
It's not right to wish away

Fight back
Hope is gone and now there's nothing to lose
My rights mean I can live how I choose to so I'm

...Gonna exercise the right now
Fight back

10 years down the line... is it a safe bet
To say that you will live without regret
Time won't turn back there's not another chance
To look back and say 'what happened to me?'

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