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Your Girlfriend

This song is by Nobodys and appears on the album The Smell Of Victory (1997).

She looked me up, yeah she called me on the phone
She wants to see me 'cause she's at home alone
I told her no 'cause you're kind of a friend of mine
Man I gotta tell ya the truth
I wanna steal your girl from you
And when I look into those eyes, I wanna dive between those thighs
I wanna fuck your girlfriend
I wanna take her to a drive-in movie
I wanna fuck your girlfriend cause of the way she looks at me
She always comes around
I've seen her at our last show
And when I look at her I hope that you don't know what I'm thinking about and what I wanna do
She pulled up her skirt to show me her new tattoo
She's got on a tight black t-shirt
3 inch heels and a mini skirt
She's always whispering in my ear, "hey, you wanna go to my house and play truth or dare?" hey, she really said this to me
I wanna fuck your girlfriend all the time

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