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Ain't Too Cool (Monster Part 2)

This song is by Nobodys.

She came up to me at the show
She made me wish I didn't go
She asked me if I liked that band
I said, "no, they're kinda bland." she said, "my brother's in that group." I said, "I'm sure that's good for you, but I think they kinda suck." so she told me to go get fucked
She may look great, but man you better hesitate
She'll suck you in and treat you bad
And when you try to set her straight that's when she's gonna walk all over you
I'll tell you man, that girl ain't too fucking cool
She asked why I don't ask her out
I told her that I'm not allowed
She said my girlfriend wouldn't see
She said she really wanted me
I said, "I'm sorry, you're not my type
Crazy girls I kinda like, but there's something about you
I know all the guys you do." man, I tell ya she just ain't cool
There's no one in the world she wouldn't do
She'll fuck you up you stupid schmuck
You're better off to go get drunk
She's the stupid, lying, cheating kinda girl
She's a stupid, fucking, lying cheating, whoring every other weekend
Screwing every guy I know
She sucks, she fucks, she even blows
So go ahead and take your chance
I'll see ya when you're on your ass
So there's nothing more I can do than to tell you man, she ain't too fucking cool

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