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Forget My Name... Don't

This song is by Nobody Knew.

I'm sitting here all alone in my room
As the time just flies by
I can't stop thinking about you
I've got tears in my eyes
Seems so hopeless now as I've ruined it all
I've tired asking myself how

Can we bring it back to how it was?
I wanna make it up to you
No matter what happens or how stupid I am
I just can't let you go
I'll still love you then

I hope you know I'm not expecting this
Song to make everything all right
It's just my way of letting it out
And chances are now you're out of sight
Now things aren't the same and I'm the only one to blame
I've loved you for so long and that's not about to change
And every time I'll see you
Or when I pass you in the halls
I'll keep my head down
I won't say anything at all
So that you can forget my name
'Cause I've hurt you enough since the day that you came
Into my life

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