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This song is by No Tomorrow.

Her name's insomnia.
She keeps me up all night.
Night after countless nights I can't sleep.
The thought of her drives me crazy.
During the days I miss her
And at night she's back again.
She gives me a pain in my side,
A stake in the heart.

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you...

It's the last night she can visit.
I stare at the wall.
Once again she haunts me
Keeping my eyes wide!
This continues until the sun goes up.
The birds are singing
And I'm awake, heavy eyed.
Slipping a smile across my face.

I miss you
I miss you
I miss you...

The smile stayed on my face,
Stayed all the way onto the bus.
The bus ride home was long,
But insomnia visited me.
The bus finally stopped
And there she stood outside of it.
Insomnia! I wated for her every night.
Now there she was wating for me!

I love you
I love you
I love you...

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