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This Is Life (Hear What I Say)

This song is by No Strings Attached.

What the fuck is the world coming to
I see people walking around with nothing to do
They just live their lives every day
And after 30 years they realise they're gay
And that they've thrown their whole lives away
They've flushed their whole lives down the drain
But I'm not gonna let that happen to me
Hear what I say
Don't throw your lives away
I'm gonna do something with my life just wait and see
Want I want just isn't very clear
Maybe I'll travel the world or make a movie appear
I'm gonna drive a Porsche or read Shakespeare's King Lear
I'm gonna get a tattoo and swill gallons of beer
So I'll make sure that I won't waste my life
And now I'm asking you what your plans are asswife
Are you just gonna lay in bed and let your life fly by or are you gonna make something out of it or at least try to find the answer to the question what's the meaning of life
And if you've found it, let me now what it is
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind
The answer is blowing in the wind

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