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I Can't Find No Words

This song is by No Strings Attached.

I can't find no words to describe just how I feel about you, now you ran away and left your problems here to stay.
I can't find no words to explain to all your friends why you left them all alone, maybe your heart is made of stone.
I can't find no words when I think about the fun we used to have when you were still here but now you have released my biggest fear.
I can't find no words when people ask me where you are now.
I hope you survive so you can go on with your life.
So now I'll have to go on with my life without you,
I don't know if I'll succeed.
I always took your presence for granted.
I will never forget you, no I won't ever forget you guaranteed.
I can't find no words today, I forget about you anyway.
I had to confess before you left me, my life was a big mess.

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