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Fat Ass

This song is by No Strings Attached.

This is the time you must confess, you're only punk to hide your ass
'Cause when you're home playing with the toys, you listen to the Backstreet Boys
When you're walking there in your xl-pants, I see a butt that has no ends
I think of the things that have gone wrong, making the subject of this awful song
Fat ass
Now be careful where you point that thing, you never know what it might bring
Is it full of shit or is it all beef
It'll stay you say, that's a relief
Don't get me wrong, it's a free country
You have the right to hide, what you don't want others to see
It are real punk-rock girls you disrespect
We can't approve this, so we react
Fat asses all around me, they try to cover their huge butts
So they wear wide trousers, that's the reason why they suck
Don't show me your fucking ass, I don't want to be a butt-witness

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